The ability to prevent falls and provide the best possible care is a major differentiator.

Allison Rainey, Director of IT, Clinical Systems, National Healthcare Corporation

Clinical Advanced Insights for SNF

Less reaction. More prevention.

Despite the growing volume of data in your system, caregivers continue to rely on individual assessments to confidently identify at-risk residents, prioritize care, and assign resources. With record labor shortages and increased workloads, it’s no surprise that these caregivers struggle to find time to sift through charts and data tables to make these decisions.

By accessing millions of data points within the Skilled Nursing EHR database, coupled with intelligent algorithms, MatrixCare Clinical Advanced Insights provides preventative care and reduces the risks of costly rehospitalizations, reimbursement penalties, or litigation.

Our easy-to-understand dashboard allows you to see the status of every facility, floor, wing, and resident—all in real time. At a glance, your staff can quickly see how conditions have shifted in the last half hour, overnight, or over the weekend through aggregated acuity and fall risk scores. Armed with insights you can trust, your team can quickly identify the most at-risk residents and shift staff accordingly.

Advanced Insights offers relief to your already overwhelmed team—allowing them to deliver proactive, compassionate care while effectively managing your costs and risks.

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