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Laurie Marsden, VP of Operations, Healthcare Management Services
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EHR Interoperability

Whether you operate in a long-term care community or provide home-based services, MatrixCare makes it easy to coordinate quality care.

In 2016, MatrixCare was the first out-of-hospital technology provider to pledge to make electronic health records work better for residents and providers. Ever since, we’ve led the industry in interoperability. Our Connections Interoperability Program formally certifies the EHR interoperability between MatrixCare and third-party systems and service organizations that support MatrixCare customers.

Our Connections Program facilitates both direct-to-acute and intermediated connections through health data-sharing networks like CommonWell, health information exchanges (HIEs), and application program interfaces (APIs) to ensure that data continues to flow reliably when changes are made to MatrixCare or third-party systems.

This EHR interoperability makes it easier for the out-of-hospital provider to conduct business, and provides significant value to your referral partners who need visibility into downstream activities related to managed care.

Interoperability is more than just the exchange of information, it’s providing the exchange of insights between the health system and the out-of-hospital providers. Allowing providers to go beyond the paper and giving them a better clinical understanding of their residents as they move between care settings.

In addition, providers can send information back to the health system so that the individual’s information is available and travels with them. This helps to improve accuracy, reduce errors, and save time when it matters most.

Interoperability may be hard, but our approach is simple

MatrixCare provides an array of integration tools and services, certified integrations with the most common third-party applications, and support for the latest industry standards and protocols. Best of all, we take on the responsibility of working directly with your technology provider, so you don’t have to be the go-between.

Our Connections Program provides all the technology resources you need to interoperate efficiently today and to accommodate future growth.

When it comes to EHR interoperability, there are three main considerations:

  1. Is the system “future proof” to accommodate growth?
  2. Is it standards-based so you don’t face a new problem with every subsequent integration?
  3. Is the system resilient, so you can expect reliability—even when changes or updates are made?

Discover how MatrixCare can help you navigate the changing health system environment.