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Dream Flights with Ageless Aviation and MatrixCare

Helping seniors soar… literally.

Since 2015, MatrixCare has been a strong supporter of the Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation (AADF), a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to honoring seniors and United States military veterans living in long-term care communities around the country. The foundation’s only mission is “Giving Back to Those Who Have Given” which dovetails nicely with MatrixCare’s mission of “…improving the lives of America’s seniors” as well as our core belief that “Happiness Matters!”

The foundation provides free Dream Flights using three, fully restored Boeing Stearman biplanes. These open cockpit airplanes were used to train many military aviators in World War II. The radial engine has the innate ability to bring back nostalgic memories for veterans and seniors. The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation has provided more than four thousand Dream Flights since 2011.

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